It was a pleasure and a privilege to experience the extraordinarily au courant seating and textiles from artist Liam Lee (represented by Patrick Parrish Gallery) at FOG Design+Art 2022. Simpatico with the interior design ethos of RavenThorn, Lee’s work breaks down the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, embracing the natural environment as a familiar touchstone.

A natural extension of Lee’s work in textiles, this stunning yellow and purple chair has been enveloped in hand-felted merino wool fibers.

An amazing, otherworldly collection of seating and textiles From Liam Lee.

A perfect translation of the organic with true functionality.

Sprouting upward, this chair in eye-catching felted merino wool is a show stopper.

Black is back with this macabre addition to Lee’s collection.

Malahki Thorn and Liam Lee are both fashion forward aficionados!

Liam Lee is represented by Patrick Parrish Gallery at FOG Design+Art 2022.

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