Luxury Textiles

A promise of a design that is not just beautiful

RavenThorn Interior Design is synonymous with boundless creativity and unparalleled luxury. Our discerning clients seek more than just a living space; they aspire to create extraordinary homes that are true reflections of their personalities and lifestyles. Understanding this, RavenThorn stands at the forefront of transcending conventional resort-style living, guiding our clients into a realm of originality and distinction.

Embracing our clients’ desires for uniqueness and sophistication, we offer exclusive access to the world’s most prestigious designer-exclusive textile houses. These esteemed establishments cater to the elite design trade, ensuring a level of exclusivity and authenticity that aligns with our commitment to excellence. By engaging our services, our clients gain entry to an exquisite world of textiles, where the possibilities in pattern, color, and texture – the very essence of design – are limitless.

Our expertise extends beyond just aesthetics. Whether it’s for custom drapes, bespoke upholstery, or luxury bedding, our resources are unparalleled. We also specialize in sourcing high-quality performance textiles, perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering solutions that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Immerse yourself

At RavenThorn, we pride ourselves on providing access to a wide spectrum of textiles. From revered heritage houses whose looms have woven beauty for centuries, to innovative contemporary studios redefining luxury living, our range is as diverse as it is rich. This extensive network ensures that every fabric selected is not just a material but a cornerstone of your unique design narrative.

Engage with RavenThorn Interior Design and immerse yourself in a world where the finest textiles set the stage for your bespoke living space. Trust in our expertise to present you with an array of the world’s most exquisite textiles, handpicked to elevate your home to a realm of unmatched elegance and style.