We bring designs to life

At RavenThorn, we don’t just conceptualize designs, we bring them to life. Recognizing the pivotal role that adept craftsmanship plays in achieving impeccable interiors, we’ve integrated top-tier architectural and construction services into our offerings. Our in-house construction and architecture team consists of vetted professionals who share our commitment to excellence. These trusted experts work hand-in-hand with our design specialists to ensure a seamless transition from vision to reality. Whether you’re looking to craft a new space from the ground up or reimagine an existing one, trust in RavenThorn’s integrated approach for a holistic design experience.

Pre Construction

In the Banderas Bay area, many homeowners capitalize on the allure of presale discounts. At RavenThorn Interior Design, we excel in assisting new homebuyers to fully harness the unique opportunities that come with investing in a presale property. More often than not, final condominium deliveries may necessitate some adjustments to meet specific preferences. By engaging with our services early on, pre-sale homebuyers can proactively anticipate these changes and modifications.

Furthermore, collaborating with RavenThorn ahead of time enables our clients to clearly articulate their desired design vision, ensuring that necessary changes are seamlessly integrated. This proactive approach also facilitates the timely procurement of essential furnishings and decor, ensuring that once the new construction is delivered, the transformation process can commence without delay.

New Construction

Undertaking new construction in unfamiliar terrains can be a labyrinth of complexities. At RavenThorn, we’ve streamlined this process by integrating a robust team that includes a seasoned local civil engineer and a native architect. Together, they combine their intricate knowledge of local permitting, regulations, and construction practices. This dual expertise ensures every project not only adheres to regional standards but also mirrors global luxury construction benchmarks.

However, it’s not just about the technicalities. We understand deeply that our clients desire more than just a structure; they envision homes where every detail and finish radiates quality and integrity. Entrusting your new build to RavenThorn Interior Design means you’re not merely erecting a dwelling, but crafting a space where distinctive style converges with unparalleled craftsmanship.


Embarking on a renovation journey is about more than choosing the right shades or fixtures; it’s about mastering the structural dynamics of a space and unlocking its potential. At RavenThorn, we emphasize the importance of integrating design services into the renovation process, ensuring that each project is not only aesthetically pleasing but thoughtfully structured to optimize the client’s use and enjoyment.

Clients are assured of holistic renovation services that not only meet but surpass their anticipated vision. This is achieved through the harmonized skills of our proficient design and construction ensemble. By seamlessly blending creativity with structural acumen, we metamorphose spaces into elegant displays of beauty, functionality, and purpose.


At times, to usher in the new, the old must make way. If you’re a prospective homebuyer looking at a property in disrepair or considering a significant overhaul, turn to RavenThorn Interior Design’s expert construction services. We prioritize an expedited yet environmentally-conscious demolition process, ensuring that every step taken is sustainable. With a steadfast commitment to an eco-friendly approach, RavenThorn, along with our trusted contractors, consistently upholds the highest environmental standards.

Both we and our partners are deeply committed to preserving the untouched allure of the Banderas Bay. This enchanting region, which we’re privileged to call home, deserves nothing less than our utmost respect and care in all our endeavors.