A captivating project

RavenThorn Interior Design is currently working on a captivating project in the picturesque town of Bucerias, Mexico. We’ve been entrusted with the design of two oceanfront condominiums, situated in an idyllic locale that perfectly marries the essence of the sea with that of the verdant jungles and majestic mountains.

Our client approached us during the construction phase of the condominiums, offering a unique opportunity to integrate our design from the ground up. The primary residence is a two-bedroom condominium, boasting unparalleled ocean views from an elevated vantage point. Adjacent to this is a one-bedroom condominium that offers a panoramic view of the ocean, mountains, and lush jungle. Our client’s vision was dual-purpose: to personalize the main condominium for her family’s needs and to craft the adjacent unit as a haven for extended family and guests.

Breaking away from the traditional oceanfront design narrative, our mandate was clear: infuse both spaces with individuality, drawing from diverse global design inspirations. While the base paint remains consistent across both condos, we introduced luxury wall coverings from Phillip Jeffries to create opulent feature walls in both bedrooms. These deco-inspired additions are harmoniously paired with bespoke hair-on-hide mosaic headboards crafted in partnership with Mexican leather specialists, Casa Nura. Further elevating the interiors, we’ve chosen the luxurious vinyl snake-skin wall covering, offering tactile allure that beckons a closer look.

The furniture ensemble is a mix of custom pieces designed by RavenThorn, handcrafted by our trusted local artisans, and a curated selection from Mexico’s leading contemporary designers, some of whom have been recognized by Architectural Digest 100. Our client’s appreciation for global luxury is evident in our choice of textiles, sourced internationally and spanning from Paris to the USA. Every piece of custom furniture we’ve designed boasts opulent upholstery, reflecting our commitment to luxury and comfort. This ethos extends to the custom drapes, handpicked from both contemporary and heritage textile houses.

One of the standout elements in our design is the incorporation of two striking prehistoric fish fossils, adorning the walls of the oceanfront living room. These serve as a poignant reminder of the ocean’s ancient origins. Complementing this, we’ve sourced additional décor pieces from esteemed Mexican designers, bringing each space to life with a fusion of the country’s rich design heritage and modern elegance.