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A full-service interior design studio

RavenThorn is a full service comprehensive interior design service, catering to those seeking uncompromising luxury in the beautiful Banderas bay. Our vast array of services simplifies the intricate process of interior design, making it accessible for foreign clients who might find it challenging to tap into the diverse international resources that RavenThorn commands. Through seasoned experience and meticulously forged business partnerships, we consistently present designs that are distinctive, deeply personal, and teeming with unique creative elements seldom seen in the Banderas Bay.

Our prowess doesn’t end at conception; we excel in procurement, effortlessly combining local and international elements. We are in close collaboration with Mexico’s premier contemporary furniture and decor studios, introducing a unique blend of local finesse to each project. Furthermore, our extensive global connections allow us unparalleled access to exclusive design resources not open to the public. This includes everything from bespoke furniture design services to international furnishings, textiles, art, and decor. With RavenThorn, you’re not just getting a design; you’re getting a world of curated elegance tailored precisely to your tastes.

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