Nature-inspired enhancements

RavenThorn Interior Design was entrusted with the transformation of a ground-floor one-bedroom condominium into a luxurious rental haven. Despite initial challenges, such as the unit’s size, its prevalent concrete structure, and its location, our team delved deep into its potential right from the nascent stages of the building’s construction. The unique opportunity to collaborate early with the construction manager, who is also a business associate of RavenThorn, paved the way for us to introduce innovative modifications tailored for the client.

We introduced several nature-inspired enhancements that breathed life into what could have been a stark setting. Key amongst these was the establishment of a verdant green wall across the client’s exterior terrace, accentuated further by a waterfall fountain that cascaded onto a stone facade in the adjacent dipping pool. This integration of organic elements was complemented by a teak wood plank ceiling, which served as a soft counterpoint to the dominating concrete. Chukum, a traditional Mayan plaster known for its organic and unique finish, was applied to the walls, instilling a sense of native heritage into the space.

Through careful planning, we expanded the living area, removed unnecessary barriers, and introduced a sleek glass wall enclosure to ensure privacy. Meeting our client’s aspiration for concealed entertainment solutions, we imported and installed two Nexus 21 luxury in-ceiling TV elevators.

The furniture selection was a harmonious blend of RavenThorn’s custom designs and exclusive pieces from renowned Mexican designers, all curated specifically for our client’s needs. The resulting ambiance exudes a relaxing bohemian vibe; natural wood tones merge flawlessly with the chosen Chukum hues, and the vibrant green wall invigorates the terrace. Our endeavor to create a wabi-sabi-inspired bohemian sanctuary with a distinct Mexican essence was realized.