Oceanfront luxury complex

In a collaboration with a property development group, RavenThorn Interior Design was commissioned to curate a model condominium for the Mar Azul building, an oceanfront luxury complex located in Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico. Aimed at captivating potential homebuyers, we were given a set budget of $45,000 USD. With this, our team was inspired to craft a sanctuary that seamlessly blended luxury with the tranquil ambiance of oceanfront living. The development chose a palette dominated by whites and soft neutrals, reflecting the peaceful surroundings of the adjacent ocean. Adhering to our commitment to local artisanship, every piece and design element was thoughtfully sourced from esteemed Mexican artisans. Beyond its practical role for the developer, this Mar Azul condominium stands as a testament to RavenThorn’s dedication to harmonizing aesthetic allure, cultural appreciation, and budgetary precision.

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