Custom-designed furniture packages

At RavenThorn Interior Design, we recognize that the path to creating a dream home doesn’t always require an in-depth design process. For homeowners in search of high-quality, American-designed furnishings without the commitment to comprehensive design services, we proudly introduce our custom-designed furniture packages. Crafted with precision and care in Puerto Vallarta by our esteemed carpentry partners, these packages serve as an ideal solution for quickly refreshing an existing space or outfitting a new home with stylish, comfortable furnishings.

Tailored Solutions for Modern Living

Understanding the diverse needs of homeowners, RavenThorn has meticulously developed furniture offerings that balance comfort, quality, and style. Each piece is a testament to the familiar comforts of American furniture, reimagined through the lens of local craftsmanship. By choosing to design and manufacture locally, we not only minimize the environmental impact but also champion a sustainable future for the Banderas Bay region, utilizing sustainably sourced materials.

Curated by Malahki Thorn

Under the creative direction of signature American designer Malahki Thorn, a resident of Puerto Vallarta, we’ve observed firsthand the challenge homeowners face in finding furniture that aligns with the caliber of their homes. With Malahki’s visionary approach, RavenThorn addresses this gap by offering two distinct furniture package options:

Furniture packages

Each of RavenThorn Interior Design’s furniture collections has been thoughtfully created to cater to the diverse lifestyles and preferences of homeowners in Banderas Bay and beyond. Whether you’re drawn to the bohemian charm of the Banderas Bay Collection, the timeless elegance of the Perennial Collection, or the unmatched luxury of the Teakwood Luxe Collection, RavenThorn offers unparalleled quality, sustainability, and design excellence.

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The Banderas Bay Collection

Resort-Style Bohemian SophisticationInspired by the casual yet refined lifestyle of Banderas Bay, the Banderas Bay Collection is a testament to laid-back luxury. This collection brings the outside in, with color palettes reflecting the pristine whites of resort sands and the deep blues of the ocean and sky. Crafted from bleached parota, a locally sourced tropical hardwood revered in luxury furniture making in Mexico, each piece in this collection combines durability with an effortlessly chic aesthetic.Designed for those who yearn for a space that mirrors the bohemian sophistication of their favorite seaside resorts, the Banderas Bay Collection offers a serene retreat from the world. Furniture in this collection is carefully curated to echo the organic beauty of its coastal surroundings, making every day feel like a vacation.

The Perennial Collection

Timeless Elegance for the Year-Round HomeFor homeowners seeking a more permanent aesthetic that transcends seasonal trends, the Perennial Collection offers a mature, distinguished approach to interior decor. This collection embraces the rich, warm tones of natural parota and walnut hardwoods, complemented by granite accents and neutral-colored upholstery. It’s a nod to those who appreciate the enduring beauty of classic materials and design principles.The Perennial Collection is tailored for the year-round homeowner, blending functionality with sophisticated style. Its pieces are designed to create a cohesive look that is both inviting and impressive, perfect for entertaining or relaxing in unparalleled comfort. This collection embodies a refined lifestyle, where elegance meets everyday living.

Teakwood Luxe Collection

Exclusively for the DiscerningElevating the concept of resort-style living to new heights, the Teakwood Luxe Collection is RavenThorn Interior Design’s premium offering. This collection transitions from the casual elegance of bleached parota to the unparalleled luxury of native teak wood, offering an exclusive range of furnishings for the most discerning homeowners. Sustainability meets sophistication in the Teakwood Luxe Collection, with each piece showcasing the finest in locally sourced, sustainable tropical hardwoods. This collection is designed for those who accept nothing but the best, providing a luxurious backdrop for life’s most memorable moments. The rich textures and natural durability of teak ensure that every piece is not only a beautiful addition to your home but also a lasting investment in quality and style.