Receiving & Storage

The journey doesn’t end at receiving

At RavenThorn Interior Design, the journey of crafting bespoke interiors isn’t just about aesthetics; it encompasses a spectrum of essential services that provide our clients with a holistic design experience. A significant aspect of our offerings lies in the meticulous management of product reception and storage. Given the luxury and exclusivity of items curated for our clientele, it becomes paramount to have a specialized process in place for receiving. Each item, upon delivery, undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure its pristine condition, guaranteeing no compromises or unforeseen liabilities for our clients.

But the journey doesn’t end at receiving. We understand that there can be a temporal gap between procurement and its final placement. To bridge this, RavenThorn offers secure storage solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Every piece is stored with utmost care, ensuring it remains in impeccable condition until its unveiling in its destined space. Nestled in the beautiful Banderas Bay, we pride ourselves on orchestrating a seamless transition from procurement to placement, offering peace of mind and an unmatched level of service excellence.