Celebrating and supporting the rich tapestry of Mexican artisanship

At RavenThorn Interior Design, our native Mexican procurement philosophy is firmly grounded in celebrating and supporting the rich tapestry of Mexican artisanship and design innovation. We consciously choose to eschew mass-produced furnishings and decor, favoring instead the distinct and meaningful pieces that imbue each client’s home with a unique resonance and a sense of place. In our unwavering commitment to excellence and authenticity, we actively source from Mexico’s burgeoning contemporary design communities, a vibrant ecosystem teeming with gifted artisans and forward-thinking visionaries, each a master in their unique craft and medium.

From the celebrated talents recognized by Architectural Digest Mexico’s AD 100 to the lesser-known yet equally skilled traditional artisans, our pursuit is unwavering – to curate the finest, most exquisite pieces that Mexico’s diverse and dynamic artisan design communities have to offer. This dedication ensures that each RavenThorn project is not only a reflection of unparalleled luxury and aesthetic allure but also a testament to our steadfast support for the local artisan community, reinforcing our role as champions of authentic, thoughtful, and sustainable design.