In the heart of Nuevo Nayarit

Nestled in the heart of Nuevo Nayarit, within the prestigious Flamingos gated community, stands the illustrious Quinta Del Mar. This architectural beacon of luxury casts a commanding presence along the Banderas Bay shoreline. Designed as twin towers, the sinuous structural waves and gracefully curved balconies are reminiscent of the majestic ocean waves, encapsulating the essence of oceanfront grandeur.

Constructed by a visionary American developer, Quinta Del Mar is an emblem of international luxury standards in the Banderas Bay. Every facet, from its private beaches flanking each side to the exquisite international finishes, mirrors the elegance of a private boutique resort.

Our clients’ journey began with the acquisition of a condominium from this very developer, who had maintained the pristine unit unoccupied for 15 years. While the condominium was presented with standard local furnishings, our clients’ penchant for finer luxuries led them to RavenThorn’s doorstep.

Embarking on this transformational journey, we are currently curating a blend of handcrafted solid wood furnishings, envisioned by RavenThorn in collaboration with our talented team of industrial designers and local artisans. Each original piece of furniture will be graced with imported upholstery, handpicked from renowned international textile houses, ensuring each space exudes elegance and ultimate comfort.

As we intertwine contemporary aesthetics with organic elements, a harmonious design narrative emerges. By masterfully aligning our designs with the condominium’s existing finishes, we are weaving a tale of seaside sophistication. The culmination of this project will see a marriage of coastal elegance and organic luxury, a testament to RavenThorn’s dedication to innovation and creativity.