C. Mariani Tour

C. Mariani Tour

Some experiences are worth savoring and committing to memory. We are forever fortunate to have one of the legacy premier period antique dealers in the world in Claudio Mariani in San Francisco. Claudio’s extraordinary collection of museum-quality furnishings and antiquities set the standard on the West Coast. He also maintains an unparalleled team of over 20 in-house artisans specializing in old world restoration and preservation techniques.

Period antiques, when used judiciously, provide our clients with the ultimate in eco-friendly “green” furnishings. Constructed centuries ago with a minimal manufacturing carbon footprint, they will likely never be relegated to landfill like today’s “throw-away” contemporary commercial furniture. In contrast, period pieces were constructed with the highest quality materials and hand-made using methods that are impossible to duplicate today. We encourage all our clients to integrate period pieces into their living environment if, for nothing else, to experience the timeless beauty of these pieces.


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