Dark Horse Ranch – Bespoke Luxury Parlor

Dark Horse Ranch – Bespoke Luxury Parlor

RavenThorn is proud to present Dark Horse Ranch, a reimagined Trinity County gentleman’s rustic mountain abode. 

Exotic embellishments elevate the comfortable furnishings in this rural aerie to create an indoor/outdoor oasis that transports the owner and his guests on a magic carpet ride. Eclectic art objects are cleverly positioned to embellish numerous and distinct gathering places to relax in and absorb the divine Mediterranean climate. At Dark Horse Ranch, leisurely luxurious living coexists harmoniously with the natural world.
This ranch welcomes guests with an unexpected and comforting parlor for a dedicated audiophile. White leather sofa from Hancock & Moore flanked by plush pillows in “upcycled” Toscana sheep fur from JG Switzer, fronted by an antique Turkish Kars carpet from Tony Kitz Gallery. The visual expansion of this space was made possible by the installation of a collapsible wall of windows from Panoramic Doors. A ceremonial wolf skin adorns the owner’s carefully-curated audio system which includes Revel Salon2 speakers in mahogany cases. With the wall of windows fully-retracted, an intimate dialogue emerges between the inner chamber and the outside natural world.
Eclectic and sometimes provocative artwork offers titillating points of interest.
Inside becomes outside seamlessly. An inviting corner becomes a tranquil respite to ponder, reflect and appreciate. A bold contemporary Tibetan carpet from Tony Kitz Gallery compliments a rare Indian incensor re-purposed as a chic side table.



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