Malahki Raven Thorn
Founder and Chief Designer

Malahki Raven Thorn is our founder and guiding creative force.

Employing an original and adventurous sense of design Malahki creates bespoke luxury interiors that are as compelling as they are comfortable. 

Malahki’s eclectic tastes have been refined through his worldwide travels where he has developed a deep appreciation for the expansive world of art and design. Having experience in both the western fine arts and indigenous arts Malahki draws inspiration from a wide variety of creative sources both traditional and emerging in order to create distinguished and memorable spaces. 

Through his travels Malahki has developed working relationships with indigenous artisans and commissions unique bespoke items, art and furnishing from abroad in addition to locally curated items and furnishings. 

His unique sense of style emphasizes the use of ethically sourced natural materials such as hardwoods, glass, ceramics, stone, leather, wool, cashmere, animal furs and linen. Merging  divergent elements into a singular vision of ultimate comfort and opulent refinement. 

Malahki regards sustainable environmental design a priority in today’s throw away culture. A philosophy of designing for the long term versus disposable design is central to his design strategy. Malahki avoids fads and creates timeless interiors that are carbon conscious and environmentally sustainable without compromising luxury or comfort. 

RavenThorn’s emphasis on fair wages, fair trade and child labor free product sourcing for the luxury interior assures clients that they are not supporting the exploitation seen in many industries. 

Believing rooms have a narrative to tell Malahki employs the keen eye of a collector to marry bespoke objects, art and furnishings that have been thoughtfully curated and assembled.  His designs always offer alluring layers of textures, patterns and colors. 

Part adeptness and part intuition Malahki’s unique designs are a fresh perspective in a rather homogenous market. 

Malahki resides full time in Puerto Vallarta, MX.  

Jon Block
Co-founder and Designer Emeritus

Bay Area visionary, Jon Block was a dynamic tastemaker during San Francisco’s golden era of design that is most famously associated with the “California look” of the legendary Michael Taylor and the refined elegance of Tony Hail. An aficionado of style, taste and elegance, Jon’s design sense has been highly influenced by Albert Hadley and Henri Samuel. His use of saturated colors, period antiques, luxurious fabrics and classic decorative details is a hallmark.

Jon has been a long-time patron of San Francisco’s fashionable antique galleries, designer showrooms, and specialty shops. His direct access to these resources in addition to old-world artisans and fabricators, only available in the Bay Area, sets RavenThorn apart as the exclusive luxury design resource globally. Jon is a longtime resident of San Francisco, CA.